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I think that the root of the wind is water

corda seta e cotoni multicolore su erno inclinato e cerchione 

 indoor and outdoor artistic installation



I think that the root of the wind is water


silk, rope and multicolored cottons on an inclined pin and bicycle rim

The perfect rim of a 71 cm diameter bicycle hinged sideways on a 50 cm iron bracket (total height is approx. 80 cm). From here a cascade of hemp ropes of different thickness. It embraces a circular space of approx. two meters in diameter but can be arranged in a different way by modifying the space invasion. Rope roots expand from the metal core, intertwining and knotting. The knots are crossings of energy and undergo chromatic alterations. In this way the rope is colored and becomes thicker, as happens in nature, with different symbiosis between the roots of a plant and other organisms. The roots are here understood and represented as a dynamic force in expansion, in constant and continuous evolution. They are knotted on themselves to stop moments and memories, then they meet other roots: they are tied to them or they go beyond, they create big knots of meaning emphasized by colors and threads of silk and linen and sometimes very thin cottons. Which by mixing protect the knot and make it beautiful. But the root continues and divides again to take other paths to renew the encounters. They feed and generate new growth, but only thanks to an incessant and fervent work of diversification, synthesis, additions and fertile crossings. Not therefore a static point of origin, but a movement towards new spaces. The work therefore starts from a perfect, metallic and regular center, and expands, invading the space, by ramifications, intertwining. The work is dedicated to Emily Dickinson

Series inspired by the poet Dino Campana, who places the woman in a mythical perspective. Female figures peered through windows with a visceral sense of attraction and repulsion. [...] 

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